Our Crew

Captain T. Wings Stocks


A seasoned wreck, cave, recovery and exploration diver, Wings is an extremely reliable, dynamic and highly motivated troubleshooter who understands the formula for success. Having trained humans to safely explore and work underwater for over 40 years, he entertains respect for the environment and a deep sense of commitment to the customer. Thrilled at the opportunity to investigate Mother Natures’ sandbox, he loves the challenge of discovery and the pleasure of resolution.

USCG 100 Ton Captain

Master Diving Instructor/Trainer

Dive Operations Supervisor

“Brother Jonathan” Recovery

“Andrea Doria” Expeditions

“Pilar” Project – Guam

“Lacy Petersen Case” – California

“Erik Project” – Baja

Dive Store Owner – 20 years

Football Coach – High school

USMC Vietnam Veteran



KC Stocks


Dive Tender, Equipment Operator

 “Meticulous, dedicated, knowledgeable” In the marine field for over 15 years, KC has participated in numerous projects always making sure the equipment and divers maintain perfection.

 Factory Certified SCUBA Technician

IANTD Dive Master

Tech support Diver

Cavern Diver

ROV Technician