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Remote Imaging and Professional Self Contained Diving

Experienced, Innovative, Versatile, Dynamic, Trustworthy,

Caring, Dedicated, Discrete

 Simply stated Adventure, Depth and Technology uses sophisticated technology and human capability to get to the Bottom of any of your requests: locating lost wedding rings, search and recovery of boats, cars, and planes, treasure, salvage, video, submerged anomaly documentation and most importantly, recovering your loved one. Our result-based approach combines solid work ethic with years of experience yielding cost effective and definitive results. 

  • Magnetometers
  • Side Scan Sonar
  • ROV (Remote Observation Vehicle)
  • Open and Closed Circuit Diving
  • Custom Diesel Powered Boat

 When you need to find your wedding band, locate a shipwreck, survey the ocean floor or recover a loved one, the earlier you call, the better chance of resolving the issue. Contact us immediately.